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Our Mission

The Pittsburgh Canopy Alliance is a working group of more than 20 nonprofit organizations and government agencies committed to supporting the city’s goal to see 100,000 new trees planted by 2032 within the city as part of the broader OnePGH plan for resilience.

The Alliance researched, prioritized, and committed to shared goals to increase urban tree canopy in Pittsburgh. Participants were identified because of a deep history of collaboration, successful project implementation, a shared commitment to data-driven processes, and placing equity at the forefront of their approach.

Between 2010 and 2015, our city lost more than 1,000 acres of tree canopy due to a variety of reasons, including tree pests and diseases, utility and transportation upgrades, and natural aging of trees. Knowing that, local tree planting organizations and the City knew that a doubling of efforts was necessary to not only plant more trees but to preserve the existing urban forest.